What I offer :

  • fantasy for your wardrobe EVERY seasons, with original fashion accessories and practices,
  • ideas, for a stylish and unique look by coordinating certain parts, bag and hat for example,
  • dproximity and listening, to achieve custom parts, at your request,
  • satisfaction, having acquéri an article produced with the utmost care especially for you,
  • fun, offering a unique piece to a loved one.

All products available zathboutik are unique pieces or small series I designed and made.

So it may be that you find a bag, a hat, a scarf, a muffler, a flower pin or pouch that looks like you.

I make myself my projects I imagined the previously drawn, designed the boss, selected materials and details. So there will rarely twice the same model as necessarily a tiny detail can change from one model to another.

Atelier Zath CréationsSome raw materials could be based on models or conversely I will choose an appropriate model material than I imagined. I often use limited sufaces textile materials, such materials are essentially fabrics, artificial leather, suede purchased or recovered according to my heart strokes. Sac bandoulière Zath Créations
What I like is to mix the colors and prints, create patterns that I will apply for further customize and give a style either bohemian, rock, pop, romantic or hetnique ...

Who ist zath ? Zath is the question ?

ZATH CREATIONSDaughter and granddaughter of seamstresses, I always bathed in the world of textiles and colored pencils.

Early on I knew my future would be creative and manual !

Determined to become a fashion designer I first directed my studies towards all the sectors of clothing, to obtain a BTS. Later I was able to share my knowledge and know-how by teaching sewing.

But as it does me bad enough I went to discover new horizons as illustrated by a brief stint in the animated film world as a colorist, then working as a graphic designer - lighting designer. Without having stop sewing ! It was in 2005 that becomes Zath Nath is realizing my initial dream was to become creative freelance; and, so far so I can offer my skills as:. Sans pour autant avoir arreter la couture !

It was in 2005 that Nath becomes Zath, realizing my initial dream was to become creative freelance; and, so far so I can offer my skills as :

graphic designer / illustrator - designer / seamstress independent.
(more info at zath.fr)

To be continued ...

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