Article 1: Fields of Application of the General Conditions of Sale

The present general conditions of sale apply to any orders crossed on the Internet site saves itself the possibility of adapting or of modifying at any time the present general conditions of sale. In case of modification, will be applied to every order the general conditions of sale current in the day of the order. The orders are valid only for Metropolitan France, as well as following countries: Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and Denmark.

Article 2: Availability of products

- Our offers of products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks, that is a unity by product. All the products presented on the site are unique details.

- In reception of your order, we verify the availability of (or) ordered product (s) (s). In case of unavailability, we undertake in 30 days as from the validation of the order either to propose you a product similar to a similar price, or to turn you your check.

The date of validation of the order corresponds in :
- The date of the reception of the check in case of payment by check

- In case of shortage of stock on one of the products of your order, we send you an e-mail of information.

Article 3: Validation of the orders and electronic signature (law of March 13th, 2000 on the electronic signature)

Any order form signed by the consumer by " double click " establishes an irrevocable acceptance which can be questioned only in the limits foreseen in the present general conditions of sale.

The " double click " associated to the procedure of authentification and not rejection and to the protection of the integrity of messages establishes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between the parts in the same way as the handwritten signature.

Article 4: Price reserve the right to modify her prices at any time but undertakes to apply the rates current which will have been indicated to you at the time of your order.

Article 5: Payment Terms and Reassurance

- Payment terms. You can make the payment :

- By check :
Your order is then reserved during 15 days. Beyond this period, without reception of your check, it will be cancelled.
The order will be sent only after collection of your check.

- Reassurance :
The payment is directly made by check and sent by mail way. That is why no deal reassured is not necessary on our site.

- Clause of property reserve :
As from the delivery, the risks of the delivered goods are transferred to the customer.

Article 6: Modalities of delivery and delivery periods

Products are delivered to the address of delivery which you indicated us during the process of order.

Shipping cost :
The total amount TTC of the expenses of participation for the preparation and the expedition of your order, is fixed according to the weight of the article and according to the table current of the Post office or the carrier.

Period of expedition :
All the announced periods is calculated in workdays.
The indicated periods are average periods and correspond to the periods of treatment, preparation and expedition of your order.
In this period, it is necessary to add the delivery period of the carrier (Post / Carrier).

We are not responsible for periods of routing of The Post office or for the carrier. Any sent orders cannot be the object of a cancellation on behalf of the customer.

Delivery periods :
The ordered product is delivered by the mail circuit or by the independent carrier, according to the nature of the ordered product and on the exclusive initiative of, on the address appearing on the order form.

Of the parcel in the Delivery :
You have to verify the correspondence of the goods delivered at the time of the delivery and before signing the delivery order of the carrier.

You have to indicate on the delivery order and under forms of handwritten reserves accompanied with your signature any abnormality concerning the delivery ( damaged product). This check is considered as made since the buyer, or the person authorized by her, signed the delivery order.

You will also have to indicate by mail recommended the abnormalities and to confirm your reserves to the carrier at the latest in 3 workdays following the reception of one or several articles and to pass on a copy of this courier in - - Nathalie Garcia Bosansky - 84 place of residence Clède - 84300 Cantaloupe - France.

If products require to be sent back to us, they owe the being in 7 days following the delivery. Any complaint formulated outside this period cannot be accepted. The return of the product can be accepted only for products in their state of origin (packaging, accessories, note).

Article 7: Responsibilities

- would not know how to be considered as responsible for the non-fulfillment of the contract concluded occasionally, of force majeure, problem of residence of the site, the disturbance or the all-out or partial strike notably postal services and means of transportation and\or communications, of flood, fire. As regards products bought to satisfy the professional needs, will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present, the operating loss, the loss of profit, the damages or the cool, which could arise.

- The choice and the purchase of a product are placed under the unique responsibility of the customer. The total or partial impossibility to use products can give place to no compensation, refund or questioning of the responsibility of, except in the case of a turned out latent defect, a nonconformity, an imperfection or an exercise of the right of retraction envisaged under the article 8. In case of latent defect, you have the choice enter to cancel the order or to keep the product against a valuable decrease.

- In case of not delivery of an order or a part of order, you have two months maximum (as from the date of departure of our stores) to show yourselves. Beyond this period, we shall accept no complaint.

Article 8: Clause of retraction

According to the legislation current in right for the consumption, the customer has a period of 7 true days to retract. To do it; he will have to inform the supplier about it in writing and will beforehand have to obtain the agreement of Zath Créations before proceeding on the return to the goods, in his original packing accompanied with the order form. The expenses of dismissal of the goods stay at your expense. Incomplete , used , damaged or made dirty products are not resumed.

Article 9: Guarantees and AFTER-SALES SERVICE

The duration of guarantee of our products is of 6 months, on the express condition that they are used according to the custom that he must be made.

To be able to benefit from the guarantee of products it is necessarily advisable to keep the invoice of purchase of the product and to send to you directly to the supplier.

We remind you that you also benefit from the legal guarantee of the latent defects in application of articles 1641 and following one of the civil code.

Article 10: Capacities of the law « data processings and liberties »

At any time, « you have a right of access, modification, rectification and abolition of the data which concern you (art 34 of the law « Data processings and Liberties » of January 6th, 1978). You can modify your data by returning you on your Customer account.

Article 11 : Contact

Nathalie Garcia Bosansky

42, Route d'Orléans
45310 Coinces